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Ground breaking research on the REDOX relationship to cancer:
Cancer a Redox Disease

Journal of Cell Science sol:10.1242/jcs.098475 February15, 2012 J cell Sci 125, 801-806.
It is now clear that RSM’s such as Hydrogen Peroxide can act as messengers both in
the extracellular environment and within cells. REDOX molecules to and from
mitochondria help to integrate cell functions.

Robertson, William 2010 More chemistry Basics ISBN 978-1-936137-74-9
Redox biochemistry regulates the basic movement of all the resources at the
foundation of our biology.

Campbell, Neil A. ; Brad Williamson; Robin j. Heyden 2006. Biology: Exploring Life
ISBN 0-13-250882-6
Cellular respiration (converting food into energy) is a combustion reaction that is
directed by RSM’s foundationally. Aerobic or Anaerobic reactions are directed by
the movement and influence of RSM’s.

Antioxidants & Redox Signaling. January 15, 2011, 14(2) : 275-287.
Caloric restriction has dramatic alteration in oxidative damage, inflammation and
insulin sensitivity which are REDOX mediated biochemical reactions critical in
understanding obesity.

Free Radical Biology and Medicine Vol 50, Issue 5, 1 March 2011, Pg 567-575
Oxidative cellular environments create consequences like insulin resistance, B cell
Dysfunction, and impaired glucose tolerance. This will lead to a diabetic disease

J Endocrinology March 1, 2005 184 455-465
Selenium exerts multiple actions on cells. It can indirectly act as an antioxidant and
modify REDOX status and thyroid hormone metabolism. This happens through
modifying over 30 selenoprotiens.

PNAS April 12, 2005 Vol 102 5618-5623
Age related muscle mitochondrial dysfunction is related to reduced reduced
mitochondrial DNA abundance (with aging) as well as mitochondrial ATP
production. This study supports the oxidative damage theory of aging.

Biogerontology. 2015 Apr;249-64
Ageing is associated with several physiological declines in the musculoskeletal
system (muscle function and mass). Exercise induced mitochondrial remodeling is
mediated by upstream REDOX signaling events that converge on downstream
transcriptional co-factors.

Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity Vol 2012, article ID 830257
The aging process is characterized by an imbalance between and increase in the
production of reactive oxygen species in the organism and the antioxidant defenses
as a whole.

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2013, 14, 9126-9167
Due to the central role of REDOX signaling molecules in Inflammation pathologies,
restoring the redox balance forms an innovative therapeutic target in the
development of new strategies for treating inflammatory skin conditions.

Pharmacological Reviews March 2011 vol. 63 no. 1 218-242
Accumulating evidence suggests that NADPH oxidase has an important role in
signal transduction in cellular stress responses. Activation of the cell survival
pathway by NADPH oxidase may promote cell adaptation to stresses as well as

Circulation 2007; 115: 1285-1295
The endothelium has emerged as the key regulator of vascular homeostasis.
Alteration in endothelial REDOX function precedes he development of
morphological atherosclerosis changes and can also contribute to the lesion
development and later clinical complications. Chap 2; 43-52
Arrays of chemical oxidants are produced in healthy cells, where they function as
important signaling molecules that are crucial in homeostatic regulation and cellular
adaptation. The molecular basis of REDOX signaling is a series of oxido-reductive
chemical reactions in which oxidants or reductants post-transnationally alter the
structure of proteins.