Nervous System

Nervous System

The unique and specialized cell design and function of our nervous system makes the miracle of transmitting highly specialized messages from “head to toe” possible. This capacity is shadowed by the vulnerability of nerve cells to toxins and damage, coupled with their slow repair rates, resulting in susceptibility to aging and disease. REDOX molecules are integrally involved in both messaging in nerve cells and propagate the repair of these vital cells.

Nerve cell communication:

Nerve cells actually “talk” with each other with chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. This conversation occurs in the synapse, a tiny gap that exists between cells. The health of the gap, and the molecular resources, are vital to the messaging capacity. REDOX molecules maintain the integrity of the gap and transport membrane resources and the supply of the neurotransmitter messenger molecules. Lost messages can be critical to our health, and moreover confusing messaging can lead to improper information. For example, a person who has a sensation of a burning foot even though it does not exist, is a condition called neuropathy.

Our Brain supports Immune Health:

Multiple areas of the brain have cells that primarily support immune function by surging into action under the direction of REDOX molecules, in response to certain challenges from pathogens, like germs and toxins. Our white blood cells have receptors and neuropeptides that allow the immune cells to understand what needs to be done. Or in other words, the white bloods cells analyze the germ and respond with an appropriate attack. REDOX molecules represent the language and the conversations that these cells use to discuss their battle plans.

Blood Brain Barrier Integrity:

There is a barrier that protects the brain from invasion of germs or toxins known as the blood brain barrier. It is a very fine living filter that only allows tiny molecules to enter the brain tissue itself. The transport of resources across this specialized filter requires a transit system which is operated by REDOX molecules. The structure of these cells and the specialized filter membrane, the barier vulnerable to attack by oxidative stress and free radical damage. REDOX molecules supply the necessary blood brain barrier molecules to promote its specialized functions and protect its work.

Benefits: REDOX balance protects us from

Parkinson’s disease
Mental Fog


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