The REDOX Basis of Illness Out

The REDOX Basis of Illness explores various illnesses from the vantage point of a REDOX signaling molecule.

All illness is expressed in one of two ways: a predominance of oxidative stress-related symptoms and signs (similar to rusting, but in a biological sense), or a predominance of inflammatory (reactive) signs and symptoms. Health can be achieved by addressing imbalances in these areas and then moving the REDOX needle back to the balance point.

We can choose to provide support foundationally by addressing our REDOX potential. This is done primarily through lifestyle adjustments and also by supplementing REDOX signaling molecules.

Our genetic blueprints have created a tendency to lean one direction or the other. Our job is to know where we are on the scale, and then get to work to move back to the middle. For example, a family in which members are diagnosed with cancer would be more prone to “rusting,” or oxidative stress rather than to inflammation.